Human growth hormone or steroids which is better for Muscle?

When we talk about making use of body building supplements for a better muscle buildup and better body structure, we have mainly two options. Either people can use HGH or use Steroids for faster results. In order to enjoy faster results, people use both of these to have more masculine body.  However there lies a big difference between their mechanisms of giving intended results on the users. They show their peculiar effects on the users, so which one should  be your choice and the common notion that HGH are better than Steroids is correct or not, we are going to reveal it here.

Human Growth Hormone and Steroids

The Human growth hormones are naturally synthesized by specialized somatropins cells present in the pituitary gland. Chemically they are protein compounds also constituting of 191 amino acids. Responsible for the improved metabolism and other crucial body functions Growth Hormones also help in tissue repair, cell division, and release of other enzymes and hormones in blood.Growth hormone + physical activity increases the muscle cells in size and multiplies them by promoting growth of new ones.

On the other side Steroids are not just one term and they include anabolic steroids and corticosteroids as well. Both of these have a differentiated origin and functionality. While Corticosteroids have the capability of removing swelling and inflammation in a pacified manner and so they are used in treatment of conditions like arthritis. Anabolic steroids is a ergogenic performance enhancing class of steroids that have the capability of protein synthesis, boosting physical energy, improving endurance and building up more stamina.Steroids + physical activity generally increase your muscle cells in size.


Human body is a highly adaptive, energy efficient “machine” it is designed to sustain only as much muscle as is needed for each individual’s daily physical strain. A person used to doing heavy physical work (lumberjack, athlete, etc) will have much bigger muscle mass compared to non physically active individuals. Should an active person reduce his daily physcal strain his body will gradually adapt by reducing the excess muscle mass – so as not to feed and carry it around if it’s not needed.

The same works the other way around – if a physically inactive individual starts going to the gym on a regular basis his body will gradually adapt to the new hardship by growing more muscle mass in order cope with the person pysical activity level.

The speed and intensivity of the muscle building process is increased by introducing steroids or human growth hormone. Steroids rapidly inflate the existing muscle cells with protein and water while growth hormone stimulates growth of new muscle cells in addition to inflating the existing ones.

No matter if muscle mass was gained with the help of steroids, human growth hormone or hard work alone, the body will reduce it if it’s no longer needed. In theory HGH users should retain more muscle mass because of the increase in quantity of muscle cells, but don’t count on anyone noticing it:) If your physical activity goes down, so will your muscles – no matter how they were gained.

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